When you sign up for a fitness class with a coach / studio that uses Exer Studio, they will send you a session code to input at before the start of class.

Studio runs in the browser, so clicking the join link given by the coach will take you directly to the Studio session.

Clicking on the link should take you to our welcome screen:

Now just enter your name and join the session.

Don't forget to enable camera permissions in the browser. See you on the leaderboards!

Free Exer Studio Classes

Meanwhile, we're excited to offer you free Exer-powered fitness sessions every week with our partner, Sweat From Home [SFH].

Here's how you get your free workouts:

  1. Finalize setting up your Studio account from the email you just received from us.

  2. Book an Exer class with Sweat From Home

  3. Use code EXER to get $10 off (ie free)

  4. Add the class to your calendar and show up ready to sweat!

NOTE: That code doesn't expire and can be used on multiple Exer classes (just the Exer-specific classes).

CLASS DETAILS: 45-minute Total Body Workout utilizing Exer Studio - our state of the art kinetic tracking technology. This class will focus on upper body, lower body, and abdominal challenges. Exercise options and adjustments can always be provided as needed based on any injuries or orthopedic issues. No weights or equipment needed. Mat, towel, and water are recommended.

As a Studio athlete you get exclusive free access to workout sessions each week in which the SFH coaches will be running Exer Studio... and they know what they're doing, so it'll be lots of fun.

See you on the leaderboards!

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