Hi there! πŸ‘‹ Let's give you a quick tour of our Exer Studio Browser App (for athletes).

For starters, We've actually built an interactive demo into our Mac App if you have it downloaded. You just have to open the app and click "Try it Now".

Otherwise, let's give you an overview here:

Session Code

Once you log into the app, input the session code (provided by your Trainer / Coach) to join a session.

Two Views - Leaderboard & Zones

  • Leaderboard view: Engage in some friendly competition with others in the workout. See where you stack up against them on the leaderboard. Your stats (rank and score) are at the top. You will also see your output graph during the session.

  • Zones view: If you’re more focused on how hard you’re pushing yourself in a workout, this view displays your level of physical exertion during the workout. Your zone color changes based on your exertion levels as seen below:

To switch between the views, click on the buttons at the top right corner of the Studio Mac App.

Cheer Someone On

Perhaps you might miss giving someone a fist-bump πŸ‘Š or high-five βœ‹ at the end of a gym session or workout. You can virtually high-five others in Exer Studio to give someone a boost of motivation by clicking on the icon beside each person’s tile. (P.S. Others can high-five you too, including your coach!)

Check If You're in Frame

An easy way to check if you’re visible on screen during the workout is to look at the video window in your video conferencing tool to make sure you can see yourself fully. The key here is to make sure your hips are in frame. Alternatively, click on the video icon on the top left to check if you're in frame using our video window. You can close the video window during class.

Where To Place The Exer Studio App On Your Screen

Most people tend to place their Exer Studio App on the right side of the screen, with the video streaming platform on the left (see below). If your video streaming window enters into full screen mode, we suggest exiting out of that so that you can watch your coach and the leaderboard at the same time.


Woohoo, you're all set to start working out with Exer Studio. πŸŽ‰

We highly recommend trying out these features before you take your first class with Studio so that you can be familiar with getting into position and using the app during your class!

If you need some guidance on how to set up your space for an Exer Studio class, check it out here.

As this is a beta product, you might occasionally encounter some bugs (which we are working hard to fix). If you'd like to report an issue or share ideas for features you want to see, fill out this form. Or feel free to email us hello@exerstudio.com if you have additional questions.

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