Hi there! đź‘‹ We're so stoked that you'll be using Exer Studio in your virtual classes.

As a coach, you don't need to download the Exer Studio App. You only need access to a browser on any device (i.e. your phone, tablet, laptop).


With that, we'll give you a tour of the coach's side of Exer Studio:

Creating a New Session

  • Log into the Exer Studio webpage on your device.
  • Create a new session.
  • Share the session code with your clients so that they can join your class when they log in via the app.
  • When everyone is in class, click the "Start" button.

Coach's Controls

With great power comes great responsibility. As a coach, you have control over everything that happens during a class, and here are some tools to help:

  • Pause: Temporarily stop the leaderboard in between intervals or during water breaks so that scores don't increase while participants are resting. Remember to resume the leaderboard when the break is over!
  • Reset: All participants' scores and ranks will restart at 0.
  • Complete Session: Only use this when your class is over, and you're ready to end the Studio session.
  • Shoutouts: Virtual high-5s are hard, so we've made it easy for you. You can either use the "High Five The Class" button to high-five everyone in your class at the same time, or click on the hand icon beside each person's name to encourage specific individuals.

Two Different Coaching Views

Coaches have different styles in teaching their classes. In Exer Studio, we have two different views for you to coach your class in a comfortable manner.

  • Leaderboard view: If you prefer to encourage some friendly competition in class, you can see how your clients stack up against each other with this view. You can see their rank and score throughout the class.
  • Zones view: If you’re more focused on seeing how hard your clients are pushing themselves during your class, this view displays their level of physical exertion. The zone colors change based on their exertion levels as seen below:

To navigate between both views, click on this toggle at the top of the page: standing bars for Leaderboard view and four dots for Zones view.

Note: Participants in your class have these two views as well, and they can switch between both views depending on their preference.

End Your Session

When you're done with a class, remember to click on the "Complete Session" button. You will be presented with a summary of everyone's activity and output during the class.

Review a Previous Session

You can always look at the summary of a previous session by clicking on "Recap". The summary screen will provide an overview of all participants’ rank, score and output chart from a previous class you taught.

Where to Place Exer Studio

We recommend minimizing your browser window with Exer Studio to the right side of the screen, while your video streaming platform is on the left of your computer. Alternatively, you can also log into Studio on your phone and coach from there.


Great work, you're all set to start coaching with Exer Studio. 🎉

As this is a new product, you might occasionally encounter some bugs (which we are working hard to fix). If you'd like to report an issue or share ideas for features that will help your coaching experience, fill out this form, or reach us at studio-support@exer.ai if you have additional questions.

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